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Enjoy the Outdoors Year 'Round with a Screened In Porch!

When the summer arrives in Charlotte, NC, homeowners are forced to stay indoors to protect themselves from the scorching sun, hot temperatures, humidity, and insects. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With today's on-the-go lifestyle, most of us get little time to relax. We are continually connected to work over the phone and email, while trying to accomplish a never-ending to-do list. This makes it difficult to take out some time to sit, relax, unwind, and treat yourself with time to rejuvenate. Adding a screen porch can be a great way to accomplish this. A screened in porch can be the perfect spot in your home where you and your family can spend the warm summer days. Apart from enjoying the weather, a screened in porch will also allow you to enjoy the rain and views in the winter. If you have decided that you wish to add a screened room to your room this year, here are some ideas about adding a screened in patio to your home.

Enjoy Your Screened in porch in Charlotte, NC!

Eliminate the insects from the equation and protect yourself and your family from the inclement climate of Charlotte, NC with a high-quality screened room enclosure. A screened in porch is one of the most appreciated features of a house because it offers a peaceful space to spend some alone or family time, and relax after a long busy day, have fun on the weekends, or simply enjoy the outdoor views. Insect and blazing sun during the summer is the main hurdle in enjoying some quality outdoor time during the summer and a screened porch is the best solution to this problem among countless other benefits of having a screen room enclosure. It helps you get most of the outdoor space of your home. You can get to enjoy the complete fun of being outdoors in a secure and confined space without having to deal with the common disturbances that can otherwise make it impossible for you to enjoy a peaceful relaxing time. You can either choose to enclose your patio area completely into a screened room, or you can choose to section off an area to build a screened in porch. There is an extensive range of options to select from, which suits the specific requirements and structure of your house.

Advanced Tech with Charm

You can choose to create a perfect contrast of traditional architectural aspects and hi-tech engineering to create a highly functional screened in room enclosure. Whether you live in a house with a historic architecture or your home is constructed as per the modern day trends, the addition of a screened in porch provides you with an opportunity to make a dramatic statement. Regardless of the architecture or construction style of your house, a screened in porch will add a perfect charm to it. You can choose to build an attractive and expansive screen room enclosure that is full of features such as stone floors, cane furniture, and the use of raw materials. You can further create a mesmerizing hi-tech contrast by adding smart lighting that you can control with remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity or even over voice command. A screened room with advanced tech will enhance overall curb appeal and add value to your property. In addition to that, your screen room will add additional usable square footage to your house while allowing you to enjoy the weather. A screened porch offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. You can choose the type and style of flooring, with or without a chair rail, and color options to enjoy a fully customized screened porch.

Add More Value and Charm to Your Home with an All Season Screened Room

An all season screened porch will make a great addition to any house and particularly in the climate of Charlotte, NC. As the name suggests, this is an amazing feature of your house where you can enjoy being outdoors all year around. You may have to make a number of choices based on the structure of your house, your needs, and the type of screened porch you may like to have. You can choose to add fans for summers and portable heaters for winter. All these features and characteristics will help you decide how you get to use your screened porch. Most people wish to design their screen room enclosures in a manner where they can enjoy the charm of all seasons.

The Best Part About Having a Screened Room A Productive Home Office

If you work from home a screened porch can be a great product home office as people who are surrounded by sunlight and greenery tends to perform more efficiently. While you can keep an indoor plant in your regular office but a screen porch allows you to relax your mind with the scenic beauty of your surroundings. You can choose to build a screen porch that will help you increase your overall productivity.


Enjoy A Personal Space for Family or Alone Time

If you prefer to enjoy quality outdoor time with your family or treat yourself with solitude, a screened porch is an ideal option. A screened porch will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature all around while eliminating the harmful external factors from the equation such as inclement weather and insects. You can fill the space with comfortable furniture and aromas for soothing and relaxation. You can enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the rainfall or cuddle with your partner on a starry night.


If you are considering the addition of a screen porch to your home in Charlotte, NC, or you would like to discuss more screen room enclosure ideas, you may contact us at (704) 439-6603 or send us an email at We have years of experience in beautifying Charlotte, NC homes, with outdoor spaces so that residents can enjoy the spring and summer. Call us now and you will get to talk directly to our owner about your screened porch ideas for your home. We will also provide a free estimate prior to start the process of building your custom screen porch.