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Different Types of Wood Fence

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has long been considered as an effective way to let neighbors live peacefully while respecting each other boundaries. Having a wooden fence does not only define the definite boundary around your property but also keep your home and family secure. In addition to its functional value, a wooden fence can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your property and landscape. As a leading fence company in Charlotte, NC, we usually suggest that before letting the Charlotte fence builder start working on your property, it is crucial to decide whether you need a wood fence to define your property’s boundary, to keep your home and family protected, or to beautify your property.

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Different Types of Wood Fencing Materials

There are different types of wood fencing materials available for property owners looking to add a wood fence to their property. Pressure treated pine and cedar are the two most popular types of materials for the wood fence in Charlotte, NC. Pressure treated pine is a wood fencing that performs exceptionally in wet environments. The best material for the wood fence in Charlotte, NC would be pressure treated considering its humid climate. In general, the type of wood available for your wood fencing project mostly depends on the location of your property. A Charlotte fence builder would usually suggest you choose a wood fencing material that is most appropriate to your fencing requirements as well as the climate.

Different Styles of Wood Fence in Charlotte, NC

Wood is a flexible material and it allows the property owner to choose from a wide range of wood fencing styles. We are the best fence contractor in Charlotte, NC who are skilled to customize wood fence to complement all kinds of landscape designs, property styles, and functionalities. Here some of the style of wood fence in Charlotte, NC:

  Rail Fence

Rail fences are generally preferred to create the boundary around the large areas of lands such as gardens and farms. Rail fence empowers property owners to keep their families, kids, pets, and the garden area secured while they get to enjoy the full view of their land. Rail fence in also suitable for farmers to keep their livestock secure. Choosing a rail fence would allow you to complement the neighboring and bring the countryside feel to your property. Usually, rail fences include 2 – 4 parallel wooden panel in between the wooden posts. Rail fences can be built at different heights according to the requirements of the property owner.

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Picket Fence

This type of wood fence in Charlotte, NC is mostly painted in white color. This makes your property exudes the feel of vintage suburban houses. The picket fence is perfect for the garden area outside your property. Its white color truly complements the greenery. It is an ideal choice to keep your kids and pets secure while playing in the garden area. If you prefer more privacy, you can ask your Charlotte fence builder to place each board side by side in order to obstruct visibility from the outside. If privacy is not your primary concern behind your fence installation in Charlotte, NC, you can choose to place the boards with a distance of 1 – 6 inches between them in order to have a more conventional look for your picket fence. Similar to the rail fence, picket fence can be built at different heights according to the requirements of the property owner

  Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is available in a wide range of fencing styles such as screen fence, shadow box fence, positive and negative arch fence, and dog-ear fence. Privacy fence serves multiple purposes including blocking the wandering eyes from peeking into your home and keeping the kids and pets safe inside the home while keeping the noise out.

  Dog-Ear Fence

Dog-ear fence is possibly the most common type of wood fence installation in Charlotte, NC for privacy purpose. In this type of wood fence in Charlotte, NC vertical wood planks are located side by side so that no space is left between them. The top corners of every board are folded down and designed like a dog ear or a folded page of a book.

  Privacy Arch Fences

Privacy arch fences are available in two different kinds of positive and negative arch fences. Positive arch fence features upward curves that add an extra inch to the overall height of the fence for better privacy. On the other hand, arches of negative arch fences curve downwards.

  Shadow Box

At first glance, shadow box fences appear similar to the picket fences but it includes horizontal wood panels with alternate pegs on both sides. This type of wood fence in Charlotte, NC is perfect for creating a boundary between two neighboring properties because the shadow box fence offers a finished look at both sides of the fence. In term of privacy, the alternating vertical planks allow partial visibility through the fence.

  Screen Fences

Screen fences look similar to lattice fences. They feature thin planks of wood interwoven over each other resulting in diamond-shaped openings. As compared to traditional wood fence in Charlotte NC, screen fences do not provide complete privacy; however, they add an aesthetic appeal to your property and keeps your family, kids and pets secured.

Maintaining Boundaries with Wood Fencing

The type of wood fence you choose to build also depends on the type of relationship you may have with them. If you maintain friendly terms with your neighbor and you need a fence just to keep your pets and kids within the boundary then the best type of wood fence in Charlotte, NC might be a picket fence. Some other great fencing options to establish boundaries between neighbors would be rail fences or shadow box fences. Mostly these wood fences are approximately four feet tall and offer visibility through them as well as above them.

In case your neighbors do not like to interact at a social level, you may ask your Charlotte fence builder to build a 6 – 8 feet tall privacy arch fence. For better privacy, you can choose the positive arch fence. Property owner usually prefer dog-ear fences; however, positive arch fences can provide more privacy and can also serve as décor for your landscape.

Keeping your Home and Family Secure

If the primary reason behind building a wood fence in Charlotte, NC is to keep your home and family safe, the privacy fence with zero visibility from the other side would be the best option. A privacy wood fence would obstruct outsiders to peek into your yard while restricting any unwanted visitors. A picket fence with spacing would be a suitable option when you want to keep your kids inside the yard without blocking the view.

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