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How to Choose a Residential Fencing Contractor in North Carolina

Most homes require fencing around it in some form or another. This is to establish boundaries between your property and your neighbors, as well as public areas like the sidewalk. You may need to fence off a swimming pool in your backyard or install fencing around your driveway or vegetable garden. Although fences are not difficult to install, it will save you time and effort to hire a residential fence installer in Charlotte, NC. As with any service, you will need to make sure that the workers have a good reputation and charge a reasonable price. Although you can ask your friends, neighbors, and local hardware stores for recommendations, you should consider certain aspects to make sure that you are getting the right team for your project. Before hiring residential fencing contractors, here are some things to consider.Add paragraph text here.

How to Choose a Residential Fencing Contractor in North Carolina

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fencing Contractor

Experience and Track Record

When choosing the best contractors for residential fencing in Charlotte, NC, you need to be sure that they have the best track record for providing quality work. Based on their designs, you will be able to tell their overall level of expertise. When contractors have experience in the industry, satisfying their customers will be a breeze. Whether you want a fence made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood, an experienced company will be able to offer a variety of design and construction options for you.

High-Quality Materials

A reputable fencing company will feature an assortment of fence materials and designs that have provided guarantee and satisfaction for their clients. The more experienced a fencing company is, the better access they will likely have to different fence types at affordable prices. Find out what fencing materials are available and whether you can get quality fencing at affordable prices.

Reputation and Professionalism

When settling for an ideal residential fencing company, you should consider their professionalism and reputation. Do they reply to your inquires in a timely manner? Are they courteous and easy to talk to? You can also get a good understanding of a company’s reputation based on their references.


Carrying out proper research on your shortlist of companies will give you an idea of the level of professionalism and what their clients have said about them. By evaluating the company, you will also learn about their rates for their services and if their former clients were satisfied with the installations.


A reputable fencing company usually provides a portfolio that showcases an assortment of their designs as well as fences they have successfully installed for their clients. By looking at their portfolio, you will understand the different options available to you when you are selecting your fence design. By choosing to work with a professional fence firm, you will be delighted by the quality designs and materials that can perfectly match your fencing needs.

Quality Installation

Even if you have all the right materials for your project, without the right supporting systems and installation practices, you won’t get a fence installation that meets your needs. When hiring a fencing contractor, you need to be sure that they know exactly how deep to install each post, so that when inclement weather arrives or the soil texture changes, your fence will stay grounded and continue to protect your property.


No matter what service you’re looking for, a dedicated company will always do a better job. This means that your fencing company should be active in your community, know the local bylaws and building restrictions, and genuinely care about provide quality work to their clients.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so although any business can have legitimate testimonials on their web site, you may want to see the guarantee of previous jobs as proof to determine the quality of your fencing company. If you cannot go to the locations of the fences, you should have a list of previous clients that have trusted the fencing company. Other guarantees you should ask about include the warranty on any materials you choose for your fencing project and workmanship.


Ask your fencing company what their policy is regarding their work. Some companies expect full payment upfront, others ask for a deposit. Depending on your situation you may prefer a company that lets you give a deposit and pay the rest after the job is done. If the job is larger and you need to finance it, find out if the company provides those options.


Another item that you should ensure before you choose a fencing company is the timeline. When accepting your quotes, you should make sure that you have agreed upon a schedule for the work to be completed with your fencing company. You may need to allow for rescheduling depending on weather conditions, but the last thing you want is a company that takes ages to finish the project. This is especially important if you are working with a tight schedule.

Residential Fence Installers in Charlotte, NC

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