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Real Estate Tip: How to Increase the Value of Your Client’s Home

Does adding a fence increase your home value? When it comes to helping your client sell their home, curb appeal is everything. The exteriors of their home need to be in tip-top condition to set a positive tone for the entire property. This is because over 70 percent of prospective homebuyers say the curb appeal of a home is a deciding factor in whether or not to buy a home. Fence contractors in North Carolina understand what types of fences add to property value, and know which fences are the best for resale value. Keep reading to learn more.


Real Estate Tip: How to Increase the Value of Your Client’s Home

How Can a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?


One of the many reasons why a fence can increase the value of your home is because it provides privacy. This is a major selling point for families with children and pets, as well as those who enjoy hosting gatherings in their backyard. People are willing to pay more for properties that have enclosed backyards so that they can have some privacy.


In addition to privacy, a fence can make your client’s home more safe and secure. Is can be a deterrent that could prevent people and wild animals from coming onto your property and it also keeps pets and young children safely inside. A proper fence installation can increase the safety of a home, which a lot of prospective homebuyers look for.

Curb Appeal

A fence is often seen from the road, which can add to the overall curb appeal of a home. Whether it’s a classic wood fence or a decorative aluminum fence, a nicely maintained fence shows that you care for your property. First impressions go a long way and a beautiful fence surrounding the home can increase its value.

Preserve Gardens and Landscaping

Aside from the obvious safety benefits of a fence, it can also help keep unwanted animals off of your client’s property. Deer, raccoons, foxes, and other wildlife can easily roam onto a residential property that does not have a fence. Unless you live near a conservation area, this may not be a primary concern; however, it does help preserve gardens and landscaping that can really increase the value of a home.

Fencing Material

Did you know that wooden fences and other sturdy materials like aluminum can potentially net at least 50 percent of the total cost of materials and installation on resale? This is because the appearance of a solid fence is considered more aesthetically pleasing than other, less sturdy options. While a house with a less aesthetically pleasing fence such as a chain link fence may not achieve as high of a return upon resale, it will still provide some of the benefits that were previously mentioned above.

What Your Clients Should Consider Before Installing a Fence

Fencing Code Requirements

In most cases, when you work with a fence company in Charlotte, NC, they will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all the necessary permits to complete the job and should know all the fencing code requirements. Certain areas have codes for meeting fence safety requirements, especially when the fence surrounds a pool. If your client is considering installing a fence around their pool, make sure they are following the official guidelines to ensure the barrier is safe. These codes are vital to keeping children, pets, and trespassers out of your pool and preventing accidents that can occur without supervision.

Consider the Gate

The fence gate may seem like a secondary factor when arranging a fence installation, but keep in mind that it will also need to be strong enough to support movements. Your new gate posts should be strong and durable, and should support the mechanism that allows it to open and close. Wooden gates will get heavier with moisture, and a professional installation team will be aware of this as they prepare your installation.

Cost of Installing Fence

As you and your client are requesting estimates from fencing companies, make sure you have a maximum amount that you are willing to spend for the fencing project. Confirm that budget with the company you choose to work with and ensure that the final estimate includes all the expenses associated with the residential fencing project in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area.

Talk with a Residential Fence Installer Near You

Since a fence installation requires specialized equipment and can be labor-intensive, hiring a professional can save you the headache. A professional fence installer has the proper licenses and good references to get the job done correctly. By getting a few estimates and checking customer reviews, you will be able to choose the contractor you are most confident with to get you optimal results.

Fence Installation Company in Charlotte, NC

Upgrading the front of your client’s home doesn’t have to break the bank. Installing a simple fence can be done on your own; however, getting a professional team to handle this job will ensure that the fence is as reliable and long-lasting as it is beautiful.

If you’re considering hiring residential fence installers in Charlotte, NC, Carolina Fence and Screen can help. We serve clients in Waxhaw, NC, and surrounding areas including Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Pineville, Indian Trail, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Concord, Kannapolis, Davidson, Mooresville, Union and Mecklenburg county. We strive to work with and support the local business community so we use local supplies and materials like American aluminum for our fences.

Simply contact us, and you will be directed straight to our manager, who is fully involved in the installation process and will provide the estimates for you. Contact us today for your free estimate at (704) 439-6603, or e-mail us at

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