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How to Small Dog

or Puppy Proof Your Fence

Getting a new puppy or planning for a small dog, can change the style or layout of your existing fence or fence plans. Many new homeowners have small children and pets. It’s part of a great family plan, because let's face it...children love pets!! One of the most popular major purchases for a new homeowner is a new fence - but what if the HOA requires aluminum? Neighborhoods have become more urban, more populated, and the lots have become smaller which can make it unsafe for your little doggie to roam free.

Smaller dogs like a chihuahua or a dachshund can be hard to keep enclosed in a fenced yard versus a larger dog like a English Bulldog. Just when you think your furry friend isn't going try anything sneaky, he squeezes his little body through your brand new aluminum fence, and he’s off to freedom! You can’t constantly be looking out the window to see where he’s at and the stress of having to worry about your fur baby is leading you to keep him inside or kenneled. It doesn't have to be that way! Your four-legged kids should be outside doing their business and getting some much-needed sun.

Puppy Picket, Puppy proof fence

Despite what frustration might lead you to believe, there are options for securing your dog that don’t involve replacing your fence or keeping your dog indoors to put your fears at bay. Whether you have just closed on a home and are looking for a new aluminum fence for Sparky, or looking for a quick fix to your existing one; here are a few options that can give you peace of mind while your little guy is enjoying the outdoors:

Puppy Pickets or Double Pickets
Any reputable fencing company will offer these two styles for your new aluminum fence. The “puppy picket” style has 1 5/8” spacing, which goes up about 16-20 inches from the ground then transitions to standard spacing the for the remainder of the fence. The “double picket” is the 1 5/8” spacing from top to bottom. Some customers find this style more appealing for its consistency. Puppy pickets and double pickets will add around $7 extra per foot to your new fence.

Wire Mesh
This is a simple and fairly foolproof way to prevent Sparky from sneaking out. You can get it in black or galvanized metal or even in a plastic chicken wire which is much easier to handle compared to the metal offerings with sharp edges. If you already have a fence in place, obviously a better alternative to a new fence is to add this wire. Adding this wire to a standard picket aluminum fence is a less expensive alternative to puppy picket or double picket. Standing 24 inches high, this fairly transparent addition will only add about $3 per foot to the price of your new or existing fence.

Keeping your small pet secure is your first priority, and installing a puppy picket aluminum fence or just wire mesh can give you peace of mind. If you need help deciding which option is right for your needs, contact Carolina Fence and Screen today, and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.


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