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Tips for Maintenance of your Wood Fence

Charlotte, NC

Wood fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you have a conventional picket fence, a wooden fence with tall planks, or a distinctive custom wood fence, you will be required to care for the wood to prolong the life of the fence. If you ignore the maintenance needs of your wooden fence, it will start to deteriorate as it will face continuous damages from the harmful external elements such as weather, sunlight, and moisture. When you care and treat your wood fence in Charlotte, NC, it will last much longer.

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Here are a few tips for the maintenance of your wooden fence:

Keep Your Wooden Fence Painted or Stained

Staining or painting your wood fence in Charlotte, NC needs to be done on an annual basis if you wish to keep your fence intact. While a reliable fence contractor in Charlotte, NC would provide you with a chemically treated wood that can withstand the external harmful elements, it is not meant to last forever. It is essential to keep your fence stained or painted if you wish to maintain integrity and keep it safe from the regular wear and tear.

The Key for Long Life of Your Wooden Fence Is Prevention from Termite and Decay

When it comes to termites, wood is their favorite thing to feast upon. You can easily keep the part of your wooden fence, which is above the ground, safe from the termite attack. In addition to that, you will also be required to pay close attention to your fence posts that are rooted deep into the ground. Being in Charlotte, NC means frequent rainfall and moist soil, which can take a toll on your wooden fence. By choosing a reliable fence company in Charlotte, NC like Carolina Fence and Screen for your fence installation, you can be assured that the posts of your wooden fence are quality pressure treated 4 x 4’s or 6 x 6’s, that make it highly resistant against insect invasions and rotting. However, over time, the protective layer tends to lose its potential. This is the reason that investing in the preventative measure will be highly rewarding as it saves you from replacing rotted fence posts because of severe decaying.

Power Washing

When it comes periodic maintenance of your wood fence in Charlotte, NC, cleaning it by hand is time consuming and might not be enough to efficiently remove the years old dirt deposits and remains of old paint. For effective cleaning of your wooden fence, we recommend you to clean it with a power washer. In case your wooden fence has turned grey or appears to be faded, power washing will help you reveal the fresh-looking wood beneath the exterior. Once you have successfully removed all the buildup through power washing, you can now stain or paint the newly revealed exterior of your wooden fence to ensure another year of complete protection from harmful external elements.

  Avoid Warping of Your Wood Fence in Charlotte, NC

Warping is a common problem faced by the property owners that have a wood fence in Charlotte, NC. Warping is basically a malformation occurring in the wood that leads to “bent” planks and making the wood unusable. It happens when different parts of the same wooden plank undergo changes in moisture content. There are a number of ways to help protect your wooden fence from warping.

Moisture in wood tends to escape up to 12 times faster from the ends of a wooden plant as compared to the rest of the surface. Therefore, applying a sealant to both ends of the wooden plank is an effective measure to prevent bending. In case of insufficient unsealed ends of the wooden plank, wood tends to shrink quickly and ultimately results in warping. As we mentioned earlier, staining or painting is effective in protecting woods from external moisture, which means that when it comes to prevent bending of your wooden fence, painting or staining plays a crucial role. The great part of a stick-built wood fence is that individual boards can be replaced throughout its life to assure it continues to look as great as the day you installed it!

Warping is a common concern of property owners having a wood fence in Charlotte, NC. There are a number of factors that have an impact over the look and durability of your wooden fence as the wooden planks tend to change because of several external environmental factors. Having a knowledge of all these above-mentioned tips will make sure that you are capable of taking good care of wood fence in Charlotte, NC.

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