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All You Need to Know Before Choosing a Vinyl Fence

Charlotte, NC

Fencing is a great way to secure your property while boosting it’s overall aesthetic appeal, which further adds more value to your home. Fencing gives you a secluded and secure outdoor space to enjoy quality time with your family. Especially if you have kids and pets, as it provides them with a secured play area. Fencing is like having additional space in your home! Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular kinds of fencing for a number of reasons. Vinyl fencing is attractive - coming in many colors and styles - and clearly defines the boundary of your property with clean lines. Vinyl fencing allows your property to look tidy, well-organized, and well kept. The average expense of vinyl fence installation in Charlotte, NC, important details about the type of vinyl fences, and what exactly you need to take into account, are a few points that property owners need to consider if you are looking to have a vinyl fence installed in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Determining Your Need for Having Vinyl Fence in Charlotte, NC

The perfect vinyl fence is the one that satisfies the needs for functionality, aesthetics, and durability. It is always recommended to get durable vinyl fencing material from a professional fencing company such as Carolina Fence and Screen. Vinyl fencing comes in an extensive range of styles, which means that you can find a vinyl fence that will compliment your taste and home decor. You may need fencing to keep your kids or pets secure when playing in your front or backyard, or you may be looking for security and privacy. Maybe you want both, along with boosting the aesthetic appeal of your property. There are different styles of vinyl fencing to fulfill different fencing needs. This is why it is crucial to have a clear picture of your specific requirements before you buy a vinyl fence. With some fencing products; preservation, beauty and resilience involve more time and expense which may sway your decision! This is why you need to look at more than just your upfront costs. Vinyl fencing has a lot of benefits!

Vinyl fencing requires more in terms of upfront costs, however it makes up for it in terms of long-term cost and labor associated with preservation and maintenance. Vinyl fence is identified to be five times more durable compared to other fencing materials. It offers better resistant against strong winds because it is more flexible. In addition, vinyl does not fade away with constant exposure to sunlight and rain. When it comes to maintenance, vinyl fence only requires wiping with a wet towel once in a while. It does not require you to spend anything extra on maintenance, as it does not require applications of stains, primers, or paints.

PVC is a high-quality, long-lasting material used in vinyl fencing that does not corrode or rot. This means that your vinyl fence will last and last. This makes vinyl an ideal and safe choice for busy families with pets and children.

Sometimes local home-owners associations requires property owners to use specific types of material. Therefore, you will be required to check with your HOA to determine if your choice of vinyl fencing complies with the local and neighborhood regulations. As a leading fence contractor in Charlotte, NC, Carolina Fence and Screen encourages you to check with your HOA prior to seeking a fence installer. This will shorten the wait time for installation completion.

Types of Vinyl Fence in Charlotte, NC

In order to make sure that you choose a type of vinyl fence that satisfies your fencing needs, it is crucial for you to have an idea about major different kinds in vinyl fences.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences are mainly recommended for those who need fencing for noise control and privacy. A vinyl privacy fence can help reduce noise from outside. It is also suitable for those who have a swimming pool as it allows you to enjoy pool time with complete privacy. Vinyl privacy fences come in a variety of designs and styles whether you need semi-private fencing or desire for complete privacy.

Vinyl Picket Fences

This style of vinyl fencing lies in between the privacy vinyl fence and a see-through option such as aluminum or chain link fences. If you have friendly relations with your neighbors, picket fences allow you to interact with your neighbors while still maintaining your boundaries. This style of fencing tends to fulfill the basic purpose of fencing while perfectly complementing a large variety of different exterior designs. The vinyl picket fence is a great choice when it comes to boosting the aesthetic appeal of a property.

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Vinyl Shadowbox Fences

Vinyl shadowbox fences offer a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and privacy. They are comparatively good looking and elegant and provide the exterior of your property with a sophisticated look while allowing you to enjoy your privacy. An average height of vinyl shadowbox is approximately 6 foot.

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Despite being surprisingly lightweight, vinyl fencing is highly durable. Vinyl fencing is available in white and black - and every color in between, offering a pleasant contract when used with colored hardware. When it comes to the adaptability of design, vinyl fencing is the best solution. In short, the most significant advantage of choosing vinyl fence in Charlotte, NC is that it is highly durable and does not chip, crack or corrode. This makes it a safe and cost-effective fencing option. If you are considering adding an attractive new vinyl fence around your home, contact us today! We are local, reliable, and pride ourselves on superior customer service, where the owner directly deals with our clients without the involvement of a third person. We communicate with our clients every step of a fence installation starting from providing an initial estimate, to design consultation and final installation. For your free quote call us now at (704) 439-6603 or send us an email at