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Transform your Covered Patio into Screened Porch

As spring arrives in Charlotte, NC, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. If you have a garden or lawn around your home, the soft yellow, pink and white flowers start to bloom among the sprouting greenery. The month of March begins with an average rainfall of around 4 – 5 inches, the temperatures continue to rise and the clear days of spring season continue throughout the month of May. Spring in Charlotte, NC means large pitchers of sweet tea, outdoor fun with family and friends, spending long afternoons and evenings relaxing and grilling.

Screen porches are a fantastic addition to your home! Screened room enclosures have been around for many years and can range from traditional, to themed. We have noticed a number of exciting style trends adding a new twist to these outdoor home additions. If you are thinking about screening in a porch, we have gathered some trending style ideas that we think are worth considering.

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Outdoor Dining From Behind a Screen

Eating outdoors is a refreshing and relaxing experience; however insect bites, flies or mosquito buzzing can ruin the fun. If you are a fan of Al Fresco dining, a screen porch can allow you to enjoy outdoor meals in a clean, bug-free environment. A screen room adds the functionality of a second dining room to your home! It also provides a great opportunity to bring the whole family together and to sit down and enjoy a quality dining experience. If you love to invite friends and family for a meal or have a particularly large family, screen porches can be the ideal room around the house to have a farmhouse style dining table.

Build an Area for Relaxation, Yoga, and Meditation

Accomplishing mindfulness has largely becoming a substantial aspect of the lives of a number of individuals. If you are a solitude-loving person, your screened porch can be the best spot to build a peaceful retreat for performing yoga, doing meditation, or simply relishing a calming and peaceful moment after a long busy day. A screened porch can provide you with your very own space for performing an exercise routine in case you do not like the crowded environment of a gym. If your screen porch is garden facing, you can enjoy your peaceful moment of solitude while being close to nature. Equip your screened porch with wireless speakers to play relaxing music from your phone, hang a hammock for relaxation, or anything else that you may think would help you wind up during your hectic lifestyle.

Rustic Accents

One of the widely popular trends we have observed recently is rural accents and earthy materials being used to bring the feel of country to an urban setting. While it is certainly not practical to take a break every weekend to experience the tranquility of the countryside, you can pair your traditionally styled screen porch with rustic, earth themed accents. You can build a stone floor, brick walls, and add cane furniture to the area. You can also choose to use raw unfinished material as a remarkable contrast against fresh walls and modern patio furniture for your screened porch. In case you do not have enough space outside your home for a lawn or garden, you can always add indoor plants or a potted garden to your screened porch to experience the greenery.

An Indoor/Outdoor Oasis

Plants can offer a beauty and functionality to your screened room enclosure. Indoor plants complement any décor, and an indoor herb garden can flourish on your screened porch. Simple indoor plants or a small tree can truly make your screen porch look bright. Indoor plants are conveniently available in a wide range of selections to choose from and placing them in a specific area of your screen room enclosure can help you bring an outdoorsy feel and is particularly helpful in adding a hint of color to your décor. You can choose to mix and match a few hanging plants to transform your screen porch into a garden styled retreat for relaxation.

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Fans and Lighting

In a few month summer will be approaching Charlotte. In order to enjoy the clear blue skies while keeping yourself cool during the hot and humid summers, you can add ceiling fans to your screen porch. Decorative or string lighting can add ambiance and atmosphere.

Smart lighting can add convenience to your screened room, and allow you to control the level of lighting while relaxing in a hammock. You can consider adding touch control lighting and smart switches, remote controlled lighting, or lights that can connect with the Wi-Fi connections of your home. In case you have electronic devices with voice assistant support, you can also connect the lighting system of your screen room enclosure with the voice assistant for convenience.

If you are considering enclosing your existing porch in Charlotte, NC or you like to discuss more screen room enclosure room design ideas, contact us at (704) 439-6603 or send us an email at We have years of experience in beautifying outdoor porches into attractive screened rooms so that residents can enjoy the clear blue skies in a bug-free environment. We would love to check out your space, and help you plan your new screened room.